The KLUTCH is a bold PRS style stock designed with the competition shooter in mind. Every detail about the KLUTCH is meant to enhance accuracy at the range. Don’t see the configuration options you need? Send us a message to see if it’s available!


    • Length of Pull: 13.5″ / Max 14.5″
    • Buttstock Width: 1.57″
    • Drop at Comb: Adjustable cheek piece
    • Action Diameter: 1.365″
    • Action Depth: 1.735″
    • Grip Width: 1.8″
    • Max Forearm Width: 2.4″
    • Overall Length: 31.5″
    • Weight: 3 lbs., with Limbsaver butt pad


Please note that every stock we make is hand-mixed and molded, therefore color and pattern will vary from stock to stock. Standard lead time is 1-3 weeks

To request the KLUTCH in a particular arrangement of specifications, use the online message portal on our Contact page.


Bottom Metal
Barrel Contour



View the diagram bellow for more info OR watch video.

Length of Pull: 13.5″ - Max 14.5″

This is the total distance from the trigger to the back of the stock (butt stock, butt, shoulder stock).

Action Diameter: 1.365″

Our stocks are machined to exact measurements to accommodate all your components, while reducing stock fatigue and maintaining accuracy.

Max Forearm Width: 2.4″

Your forearms width effects the stability of the rifle. The KLUTCH forearm is designed for hunters or target shooters who will be taking their shots from a firm location.

Buttstock Width: 1.57″

iota buttstocks consist of custom AirTech recoil pads made from LimbSaver’s proprietary NAVCOM technology that absorbs a wide range of frequencies to dissipate energy and vibration.

Action Depth: 1.735″

We design our stocks so that the manufacturers/OEM components will fit flush with the rest stock.

Overall Length: 31.5″

Our rifle stocks are designed to fall in the “sweet spot” for most hunters’ length preferences. Refer to the Length of Pull to decide if this will be a comfortable shooting length for you.

Drop at Comb: Adjustable

The KLUTCH has an adjustable cheek piece that allows you to find the perfect height for the eye to fall naturally in line with the rifle sights.

Grip Width: 1.8″

The KLUTCH has a vertical grip with ambidextrous palm swell. The width of the grip gives the shooter comfortable control over the movement of the stock.

Weight: 3 lbs.

If your posted up knocking out your target from a solid location then the weight of this rifle stock will provide you with a great base, but not overwhelm you when transporting.

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