Ring-base combo scope mounting system featuring under-angled screws, anti-cant device and ZEROLIGHT technology.

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A reinvented ring-base combo scope mounting system featuring ZEROLIGHT technology. NOMAD ZL gives hunters and shooters the freedom to take the rings off and put them back on their rifle scope tube with ease. And hey, it looks good, too – By placing the screws on the underside of the ring, we opened up the top to display a smooth, sleek exterior design.

  • Under-angled screw design reduces corrosion from the condensation and crud that collects in the sockets of the typical top-down screws on other scope rings.
  • Patented ZEROLIGHT technology in the rear ring of the NOMAD ZL illuminates turrets and level for enhanced accuracy in low-light conditions.
  • Fabricated out of anodized Aluminum 6061-T6, an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy for superior strength, lightweight mass and corrosion resistance.
  • Four socket head cap screws to ensure an equal distribution of force for optimal solidity when mounting your rifle scope.
  • Built-in anti-cant to help you correct for inaccurate shot placement due to the canting of your rifle platform
  • Wider Base for more action engagement resulting in a more rigid mount.
  • Available in 30 mm Rem (4 oz) or 30 mm Sav (3.9 oz).
  • Ring Heights:
    Rem 700 30 mm Med – Front: 1.09″, Rear: 1.21″
    Savage 30 mm Med – Front: 1.00″, Rear: 1.123″


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