Anti-cant device featuring turret and level illumination.

Allow 2-3 days for assembly and shipment



Make critical scope turret adjustments and horizontal axis corrections in low-light and no-light conditions with iota ZEROLIGHT, a revolutionary patented anti-cant device featuring LED illumination. Experience the advantage when you add ZEROLIGHT to your rifle system.

  • Mounted to your rifle scope, the device’s contoured design is engineered to easily adjust for accurate positioning.
  • A baffled-channel system navigates the LED light, guiding it through tunnels to directly illuminate both the elevation and windage turret marks and the anti-cant level.
  • Built-in anti-cant to help you correct for inaccurate shot placement due to the canting of your rifle platform
  • Constructed out of anodized 60-61 T6 aluminum for superior strength, lightweight and resistance to corrosion.
  • Available in 1 inch (.9 oz), 30 mm (1 oz), and 34 mm (1.1 oz) sizes.


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